Wonderful news from Show (FIFE) w Westgate Zagreb. our gorgeous PL*Gotham FUNKY JAZZYROSE won: 2 x ex 1, 2 x NOM BIS, BIV.
We are very proud. 😀


New pictures in »GALLERY« of GREAT litter. ENJOY!


Fantastic news from International FIFE Cat Show in Skierniewice – Poland.
PL*Gotham FUNKY VIOLIN won: 2x ex1, NOM BIS and BIS (kitten 4-7)! We are proud and happy. MAny thanks to Magdalena and Zbigniew – Montegri cattery for this success.

Great show debiut of our girl PL*Gotham FUNKY VIOLIN living in Montegri cattery. At the International FIFE Cat Show in Brno she was very brave and got 2 x ex 1 and NOM BIS. 🙂



We are happy to introduce the youngest member of our family


Great success in ” cat world”~ PL*Gotham DINKY DOLL got a first and a CC in the Herts and Middlesex show
out of 6 blue Adults females. She got a 2nd in the Coventry show out of 7.
She did well as she is only an Adult by a week. We are very proud!!!



Wonderful news! Our sweet  PL*Gotham AMAZING GRACE is preagnant.
More info >>Planned litter<<.5


Woohoo!!! We are more than happy and proud! Gotham AMAZING STORY – FBe club winner’15!!! Thank you Angelien & Marcel


New pictures of >>FUNKY litter<<. Enjoy! 🙂

New pictures of >>”EXCLUSIVE” litter<<.



Lovely news from The National Cat Show at Bracknell ( UK ) 😍
Gotham DINKY DOLL got 2nd place out of 10 females!!! We are very happy and proud.


We are proud to show results summarize our girl from our cattery –
PL* Gotham AMAZING STORY, living in the Netherlands.
She has received: 10x BIV, NOM BIS 10x, 2 x Best In Show, 1 x BEST OF BEST 4!!!
Story already has the title of International Champion
and successfully collects applications for the title of Grand International Champion. Keep it up! 🙂
Congratulations and thanks to the owners for being so great reason to be proud!



We are very happy to announce that we have kittens from this lovely combination.

More info »HERE«.


Another, even better news from PL*Gotham AMAZING STORY!!!
At the International Cat Show (FIFE) in Reggio Emilia she recived:
2x ex 1, 2x CAGCIB, NOM BIS and BOB 4!!!
We are proud nad happy. 🙂 Angelien i Marcel – congratulations!!!


Another great news from Netherlands! Queen from our cattery – Gotham AMAZING STORY
at the show in  Erba (Itally) got EX 1, BIV and NOM BIS!
Also she is – International Champion.
We are proud nad happy. 🙂 Angelien i Marcel – congratulations!


Hot news from Germany!!!
PL*Gotham AMAZING STORY -living in NEtherland, at the international show in  Ratingen got 2x CAC and NOM BIS!!! We are more than happy!

DINKY litter arrived! 😀 More info »HERE«. 1


New pictures of our  PL*Gotham CHARMING CINDERELLA in GALLERY  ♥ 1


We are excited about this litter. ♥ zapowiedźodiharvey1 For more info »click here«.


Wonderful news from Holland! At special BRI show in Heemskerk, bri-girl from our cattery Gotham AMAZING STORY got BIS!!! We are so proud! Thank you Angelien and Marcel! 🙂 10312468_788637461227959_2839935520144305315_n


We are happy to announce that “CHARMING” litter is here. ♥ 2 For more info »clikc here.«



Another great news from Gotham AMAZING STORY living in Holland. At International Cat Show in Offenburg (Germany) Story got: 2x BIV, 2xNOM BIS, BIS!!! oraz Best Blue Color Cat!!! We are so proud and happy! Many thanks to  Angelien i Marcel for great care and love. 🙂 11064178_785001881591517_116624818_o


Enjoy those few movies of Gotham BLUE litter. 🙂 PL*Gotham BLUE BLOSSOM


Gotham kittens 🙂


New pictures of “BLUE” litter. ‘HERE’



New pictures of “BLUE” litter. ‘HERE’




Lovely news from “Story” PL*Gotham AMAZING STORY! At the international show in Cennobbio, Itally “Story” got 2x BIV and 2x NOM BIS! We are very proud, thank you Angelien and Marcel 🙂 10959186_770533643038341_302791952_n



We are very happy to announce that 23/01/2015 our brave Boston gave birth to five pale blue kittens. In litter “BLUE” we have three lovely girls and two enchanting boys. Mom and babies are doing well, and we delight in the wondrous view. 😀 BLUE

MORE INFO ABOUT “BLUE” LITTER HERE> **********************************************************************


Nice news from Gotham AMAZING STORY. At her first show in the Netherlands, in strong competition got Ex II. Congratulations and we wish you continued success. 😀




zap2We have great hopes to welcome our next litter around 23 of January 2015. MORE INFO HERE. *****************************************************


życzenia1 *****************************************************


We had wonderful, emotional weekend at International (FIFE) Cat Show in Warsaw. Our girls made us so proud.

dzidshow JINGLE BELLS van Black Lake Saturday judge: P.Snajdrova                                                     Sunday judge: L.Burani(IT) class 9:Ex I, CAC ( Jingle become a Champion!!!)                        class7: Ex I, CACIB, BIV, NOM BIS!!! *** shelby SHELBY Perła Mazur*PL Saturday judge:Ad de Bruijn (NL)                         Sunday judge: P.Snajdrova (CZ)): class 12: Ex I, BIV TOTAL, NOM BIS -BOTH DAYS!!! *** On Sundy BRI a kittens were judged in parallel under two judges: ameshow PL*Gotham AMAZING GRACE (class 12): under M.Biernaczyk – Ex I under V. Isakov – Ex III *** storyshow PL*Gotham AMAZING STORY (class 12) under M.Biernaczyk – Ex III under V. Isakov – Ex I, BIV *** Thank you ALL for lovely time and good fun. We wish good luck to our PL* Gotham AMAZING STORY in her new home at Chelbygoldblue cattery in Holland. And last but not least spacial thanks to Joanna Mrozowska for our new tortie princess – Shelby Perła Mazur*PL.



V i VI International Cat Show (FIFE) Łódź Judges : S.Próchniak(PL) i M.Chadaj (PL) Jingle We are very happy, becouse our beautiful Jingle got 2 x CAC 😀



We are pleased to introduce to you the youngest member of our family. PL*Gotham AMAZING GRACE is a kitten that was born in our cattery. 🙂 More about Amely HERE. am3a



Kittens from AMAZING litter are  leaving our cattery to live in new homes around the world 🙂 We wish them a happy long life, and the owners comfort and long friendship. 🙂 10808008_872623276103037_1902778702_n



AMAZING kittens are here! 🙂 graf1 FOR MORE INFO LOOK HERE 🙂 ******************************************************************* We are happy to announce that our sweet CH Clewer Paw’s Odilia is pregnant. Zapowiedź If you are intrested in kitten, please feel free to CONTACT US. 🙂 ********************************************************************


XIX i XX International Cat Show (FIFE) Płock Judges: H.Reiter (DE), S.L.Jones (NO) 13 Jingle Bells van Black Lake: 2xExI and second day NOM BIS! We are so proud of her. 🙂



III i IV International Cat Show -Łódź. JJIOD It was really nice weekend. Our lovely Clever Paw’s Odilia in 9class got: Ex1/6, CAC and became the best blue female under H.Reiter ( she is a champion since now ) and second day she got her first CACIB under S.L.Jones. Our sweet Jingle Bells van Black Lake both days got Ex1 and Nom Bis ( judges: G.Grob, H.Reiter) We are more than happy. ****************************************************************************


XI i XII International Cat Show – Jaworzno. Judges: Mrs.Natalia Sidorova (RU), Mr. Vladimir Isakov (BY)SHOW

Our Clewer Paw’s Odilia in class 9 th won: 2xEx I / IV, 2xCAC, 2X NOM BIS! Boston Misiowe Marzenie in class 12 th received: 2xEX II / III 🙂 It was Odilia’s first show so we are more than happy. We are delighted with the results of our beloved girls, it motivate us to further efforts. Thank you all for the great time. 🙂



Welcome home Jingle Bells!

Junglefront Welcome to another member of our BRI-family. This time we fulfilled our dream of lilac girl! From the Netherlands came to us pretty kitty Jingle Bells van Black Lake. Thank you  Mrs. J.Ruyter for your trust. More about Jingle can be found HERE. **************************************************************************************


27 i 28 International Cat Show (FIFe) – Legionowo. Judges: Louis Coste (Francja), Gina Grob (Lichtenstain) show The first cats for fences 🙂 Our 5-monthly Boston beautifully presented herself at her first show and received 2 x Ex II and a very nice description from the judges. Special thanks for Marzena Płońska and her husband for delightful company and assistance. **************************************************************************************


Welcome home Odilia!

OdiliastartOur “BRI-family” has grown by another blue beauty – Clewer Paw’s Odilia. Many thanks to the breeder for the trust given us. More about Odilia you will find HERE.



Welcome home Boston!


Our dream cat Boston Misiowe Marzenie*PL is already with us. Thank you Mr. Tomas Miś for the trust and this little, blue gem. More about Boston you will find HERE.


The website of our british shorthair cattery – Gotham*PL was created at the beginning of 2014.  We hope that the informations provided and frequent updates make that you will be regular visitors to our website.