At Gotham Cattery, our kittens exhibit beautiful visual qualities of the
British Shorthair breed and are in perfect health from within. We take
utmost care to ensure the physical health and emotional well being of our
kittens. It’s an ongoing daily practice at our home. Our whole family takes
an active part in it including our children, who have inherited our passion
for animals. From the very start, the little kittens share our family life –
they play with our kids and spend time around dogs. Therefore, they are very
adaptable and family friendly. They quickly assimilate to their new homes,
bringing lots of joy.

The kittens don’t leave our home until they are at least 12 weeks old.
During the initial 12 weeks after birth they are vaccinated twice and
dewarmed three times. Each kitten receives a FIFe pedigree certificate; a
passport; a layette, as well as a certificate from the vet confirming that
the kitten is in excellent health. We stay in touch with the new owners and
offer our advice. The full grown cats at our cattery are regularly checked
for viruses FIP, FI and FELV, as well as for hereditary diseases (PKD).
Our cattery is home based and we regard all our cats as family members. We
never keep them in cages or in isolation. Feel free to phone us to arrange a
visit. All two-legged and four-legged members of our family look forward to
meeting you!

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