AMAZING litter

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We are happy to announce that 1.08.2014r CH Clever Paw’s ODILIA gave birth to four strong and healthy kittens: two handsome boys and two lovely girls. The father is living in Lithuania- DVM, SC Jaguar Roxera*LT. Mother and babies are doing well. 🙂


photo name sex color/blood group status
miniQ AMAZING QUEST BRI a lives in Poland
miniSu AMAZING SUCCESS BRI a (ticked) lives in Czech Republic Clever Paw cattery
miniS AMAZING STORY BRI a (ticked)

lives in The Netherlands

cattery Chelbygolodblue

miniG AMAZING GRACE BRI a (ticked) Stays with us

*observation-means that we look at the kitty for exhibition and breeding (you can ask for the cat).
*pre-reserved – means that someone is interested in a kitten, but a decision has not yet been confirmed (you can ask for the cat).
*reservation – kitten is reserved.
*available -kitten is available.

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